Is a well-defined cupid's bow attractive?

A cupid's bow is the arch on the top lip. Do guys like a well-defined cupid's bow or lips with no or a flat cupid's bow. I have full, big lips with a cupid's bow which one of my male friends picked up upon the other day. He said I have nice lips then mentioned that I have a strong cupid's bow. Do guys like a strong cupid's bow, for example, like Rihanna, or do you prefer no cupid's bow like Julia Roberts. Also I read in an article that women with a more defined cupid's bow are more likely to reach orgasms than women without one. To what extent is that true?


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  • Ha I saw the title and was like "wtf" but yeah I like them. I have fantasized about Rihanna's mouth.


What Girls Said 1

  • I wish I had a cuspids bow, my lipsarebig and without the bow they're too round. I plan to get surgery for them