Men, what is your opinion on women wearing "boyfriend" shirts, jeans, etc?

Hot? Not? Only if she can pull it off? Would you be okay going on a date with a girl who dressed like that? Or only for casual occasions? Or only around the house?


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  • Are you talking about the women who wear their boyfriend's clothes? If around the house, it doesn't matter. But if we are going out, I would have to ask why she wants to "wear" my clothes.

    • There's a style of women's clothing called the "boyfriend shirt" or the "boyfriend jeans", etc. It's inspired by men's clothing in that it's casual, loose, and comfy. Almost helps us forget that we have the necessary discomfort of underwire bras (especially on a hotter than hell day).

    • After researching them, I would have to say: You should only wear these if you already have a relationship with a guy. Definitely do not wear these if you are trying to impress a guy! They are cute but not sexy... it's the same reason why a guy likes a woman who wears short skirts; they are sexy.

      These jeans/shirts however, are not.


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  • I like women who wear a tank top and plaid shirt with boyfriend jeans and a basic wide belt, very cute!

  • I would only like it if we are the only ones home. I would not feel comfortable if there are others home or anywhere outside of home.

  • What the fuck are boyfriend jeans?


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