Japanese straightening perm, yes or no?

I flat iron my hair often. My hair is very curly, my mother being Irish and my father being African American and Native American. My question is whether or not a Japanese straightening perm will severely damage my hair?
If you got it done before can you tell me what happened to your hair afterwards, in terms or damage.
Should you only get it done in an Asian salon, or does that not matter?


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  • I got it done for a formal event once. I have very thick, wavy, and frizzy hair. After I got it done I freaked out because my hair looked so thin, but after a few days it looked as though it was just straightened with a flat iron. Lasted for about 4 months. Didn't notice any damage.


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  • You need to go to certified specialist or else you might have no hair left on your head ^^ You should look at the YouTube videos :) I want to have it done to my hair too, but my my boyfriend likes afros soo no permanent straightening for me!

    • Okay, thanks. I found a salon that does the perm, but I'm afraid of damage.

    • Afro > straight hair :D

    • You'll have to look at how the perm affects your hair on a molecular level. Seclude a consultation and talk to other hair care professionals. I think you will be fine ^^ @mr90skid Afros are fun, but sometimes the convenience of versatility wins me over haha

  • i had it done once and it made my hair very straight and nice. i didn't notice damage but the chemicals probably damage somehow. i already have straight hair but it gets kinda wavy in some places. that's why i wanted to try it.

    • How much did your treatment cost? Also, what type of salon did you get your hair done at?

    • my mom bought it at sally beauty supply for around $100 i think? she did it for me at home. i trusted her to do it because she was a beautician for many years.

  • any form of heat done to our hair will damage our hair. i had done hair rebonding many times before and now i had stopped because it damaged my hair badly.