Today I went to an ophthalmologist about my left iris that is higher than the other and she said it can t be surgery. now what? please read?

my left iris is really higher than the other or my left lower eyelid is more dropped i don t know what a f**k it s going on anyway it looks awfull one eye looks normal and one eye looks lazy like i am boring and i went to an ophthalmologist. she said it s an asymetry and i have born like this and all people have asymetrical eyes. i asked her if it can be surgery and she said no. why the hell she said no i have seen in internet people who have asymetrical eyes and they have fixed them with surgery. i know that most people have assymetrical eyes but not like this, to me is very visible. only people that i know who have this problem are on internet. should i go to other ophthalmologist?


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  • I have a friend with asymmetric eyes, I never noticed it until she mentioned it. She tends to make it seem a lot more serious that it really is, she won't take pics with me and she uses it as an excuse not to talk to guys. I'm pretty sure you're like her, your issue is only an issue in your perspective. The rest of the world probably isn't looking at it. Your doctor doesn't believe you need a surgery so it's probably nothing serious.


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  • Don't go on a doctor shopping spree until you find a doctor who confirms YOUR opinion. Ophtalmologists have done very long studies and this man's opinion is the result of it.
    It has much more value than your opinion.
    But of course, if you visit enough doctors you may end up finding one who desperately needs a patient to earn some money and who'll tell you what you want to hear and send you to a surgeon. Some surgeons will do any stupid thing the patient asks.

    The asymmetry you're speaking about seems to have become an obsession for you. A psycho therapist will help you better, IMHO:you just need to accept yourself. I'm ready to bet that 90% of the persons you meet don't even see the small asymmetry (I did see your photo, a few weeks ago and I even did show it to my wife. She voiced exactly the same opinion as I have. So, just learn to live with it. Everyone has some tiny flaw (or many. Otherwise we'd all be Barbie and Ken dolls, made in the same mold. that world would be boring.
    Happy New Year to you !
    Don't worry.
    Happy New Year to you !

    • I know that nobody is perfect but have you ever seen a person with this problem? and if it is visible why the doctor told me that it isn t possible to fix it? just to move the lower left eyelid a little upper

    • It's probably visible when studying a photograph or when staring at your face, in a mirror or directly. Thus when you don't move, don't change your facial expression by speaking, smiling or laughing, all the mimics a person normally does. Thus it's visible to YOU or to a doctor, NOT to a person you meet and talk to.
      And someone who knows you is so used to it that he/she won't even see it unless you draw his attention to it.