I like to dress smart (or Smart Casual) most of the time, that a problem?

Over the years i've noticed that all of the clothes i seem to prefer most are kinda smart, let me talk you through what i would normally wear going out

Long Sleeve shirt, with a plain coloured (normally white) tshirt underneath, nice pair of dark blue jeans with some canvas shoes

If it's just generally going to the shops or something then i'll wear either a fake leather jacket or a trench coat

Is it ok that i don't dress casual most of the time (like in hoddies etc.)

I grew up around a lot of chav's

I'm the kind of guy that actually wouldn't mind wearing a suit everyday (Like Barney from HIMYM)


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  • Is white undershirt in again, I thought that was considered daggy

    • daggy? i don't follow

    • As your asking about the look of your dress choice, I took it that you meant your undershirt was visible, while that has been a popular look in the past (the 90s come to mind) I don't think it is now

    • yes it's visible, i don't do my shirt up... i like it


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  • I would consider that pretty average casual wear, smart would be buttoned up shirts, tucked into trousers, shoes and a blazer or sports jacket. I swear this stuff a lot but you can go more casual by rolling up sleeves etc, but no it's not a problem mate, you dress how you want to dress

  • Way better choice of clothing than tracksuit everyday.

  • Nothing wrong with that at all, you have developed your own sense of style.