What makes a guy do this?

so my homie is with my bff.. and he says he loves her and would never hurt her... but this weekend that I saw her she had a black eye and bruises from him.. she said he was mad and took his anger out on her.. so what exactly causes a person to physically hurt someone they say they love?


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  • My father was the same way and I haven't spoken to him in over a decade. It isn't love, not at all. I would never, ever, even raise my voice in a threatening manner towards someone I love. It's pure unadulterated selfishness and her boyfriend needs to have the sh*t beat out of him then have his lame ass thrown in jail. I'm sorry but to me, domestic abusers are as bad as pedophiles because they cause just as much emotional harm and ruin families and wives. Tell your friend to get the hell out now.


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  • First off, he needs to get beat down for even hitting on a lady. That is never right on any circumstance. But to help you come to an understanding he obviously has issues and his main issues probably lie with the people closest to him like his family, friends, or past relationships. He was probably beaten himself or witnessed beatings most likely from his father or male figure in his life. When people get close enough to himself to say "I love you"(girls in particular), then that is when the relationship gets shakey and he starts wanting to hit people. In my opinion, only a father or male figure can teach a son or boy how to treat a lady the right way and he obviously was not taught the right way. She needs to get rid of him and let him sort out his own problems. He has extremely serious issues that only he can fix and she will just end up being his punching bag she stays with him.

  • 90% of guys never do that

    that guys a coward a weak coward


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