Girls on here out of all the clothing you own what is your favorite to wear?

Remember: Comfort counts, too!


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  • Out if what I actually own: band tee shirts, distressed hollister super skinny jeans, my light was skinny abercrombie jeans, my skull pattern skater skirt, my nike pro spandex when the occasion fits, my doc martens, dragon ear cuff, blue bandana headband with a bow, vs pink yoga pants, my chuck taylor converse, high waisted shorts, ripped jean jacket with punk patch on the back, corset top, tight black skinny jeans, etc the list goes on
    but my actual fashion sense is:

    • *of

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    • So that's like a fashion website?

    • Yeah or furniture or whatever you want to make of it really


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  • Honestly, I love wearing these shirts that my boyfriend buys for himself. It's those shirts that has like 3-4 in a pack. They're so freaking loose and comfy.

    I always find myself slipping them on before bed or whenever i'm relaxing around the house, by far my favorite type of clothing. I always take 'em from him. >:D

    • He should keep a closer eye on them lol

    • I do all the laundry, he can't keep much of an eye on them, lol I can easily sneak them somewhere :P

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    • They all I think reflect on a bright and happy personality and looks like the stuff you'd wear to a festival! Are you a bright happy person?

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    • Well that clothing is all very cute. What was the first link a picture of? It didn't work for me.

    • Maybe try it again? It's hard to explain...

  • Leggings and vest tops! They show your figure so they're like casually sexy ;D and they're super comfy!

  • Cute skirts, fun tops, nice shoes, leggings, yoga pants, sweaters

    • Oi what types of shoes do you like? My favorite on girls is those thigh-. high boots. I LOVE those!

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    • Aww okay. What shoes do you like?

    • I like sandals, flats, boots all sorts

  • I love my plaid dress, my Wednesday Adams dress, my boyfriend jeans and mustard cardigan

    • Your boyfriend jeans? Are they your boyfriend's jeans?

    • No, it's a style of jean. I have pairs made for women, but I also have men's pairs that I've bought for myself and altered

    • Sounds awesome!

  • Yoga pants. Dresses. High heels. loose t-shirts with a knot tied into them on the bottom right side.

    • Guessing you don't like jeans, then?

    • Not really. I like the look of jeans but I often feel like they're to restricting. Yoga pants are really comfortable and easy to move in. Dresses are just effortless. They're easy to throw on, easy to move in, and look nice.

    • I hate jeans, myself. Literally, my dad gets pissed off at me when I show up at dinner never wearing jeans. Not once since I was 5

  • Old dresses but I wouldn't wear them in public

    • Wait old dresses? Like 1800s dresses?

    • Like vintage dresses but I wish I had an 18th century too

  • Board Shorts and bikini top...


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