Am I the only guy who doesn't like all that colourful makeup shit?

Like red nail polish or lipstick or all that colourful makeup stuff

I just like it simple, black or white nail polish looks nice, and little or no make up is great for me.

by the way I've never dated in my life, but that's just my preference when i look at girls.


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  • There are plenty men who don't like it. My suggestion is just to find more conservatively styled girls. Personally I do toned down colorful makeup I don't look clownish but obviously no one naturally has shimmery gold or green eyelids and my nails are long and neon green I won't change for a guy that's just my preference. I think life's too short to look like you're going to a board meeting everyday

    • Well said, Ms. Br0wn. Nothing wrong with a girl wanting to have some style. :-D

  • I don't think so, i've heard lots of guys say similar things.


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