Girls -please suggest me a makeover, should I keep my mustache or a goatee and what hair style suits me best ?

GIRLS ONLY suggest me..?

Girls- Please help me should I keep my mustache and long hair..? I have trimmed my mustache short does it suit me ..or should I shave it you like your boy with or without mustache which turns you on.. because I have soft peach fuzz mustache

look at the before-vs-after pictures and help me decide !?

I had a full makeover of my facial hair - see the link. Do I look better with the mustache or without it ? 'Cause, I have to decide whether to allow it to regrow or shave it off .Please suggest seeing my pictures and gimme suggestions on what suits me best - beard, a mustache, goatee or a clean shave.and what I have to do tel me clearly






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  • Please please PLEASE no goatee. Lol those things gross me and all my friends out. I just looked at your pics and I think you look best completely shaven. Also, I think you look much better with the shorter haircut. xD hope I helped!

    • This guy asks this question on almost a weekly basis and he usually massages girls who answer. if he messages you, block him.

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    • Lmfaooooooooooooo

    • I ask this question to different girls.. not pin pointing any particular and mind this s a portal where everyone has his/her different perceptions...and you don't have any rights to come and comment to your for her for understanding

  • I like the third link. I also like the second one. But definitely not the fourth.

    How old are you anyway? You don't look like you're out of your teens.


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