Black guys/girls: have you done a hair relaxing treatment before?

i am thinking of having my hair straightened. so how does it feel after? how will it look? any tips?


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  • To me, boys with it look gay. Since you're a boy, it's not too much of a problem because you can cut your hair... Because relaxer will damage your hair. Some people can still manage to take care of damaged hair, but most can't and it beaks and messes up. That's why so many girls with relaxer have short ass hair... It's just too much damage for them to deal with.
    Tbh, if I were you, I'd just use heat straightening and roller sets. It can straighten afro hair if you do it right (youtube has great tutorials) heat can damage hair, but using a lower heat and heat protection will help a lot, and will definitely not cause anywhere near the damage a relaxer would.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's wonderful but makes you less black afterwards and the community will label you a traitor.