Tattoo disaster, how to fix?

i recently (without much thought) got a large tattoo on my wrist of a flower , and writting on my other arm and forearm. i hate it... what are guys thoughts on this


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  • The saying, "you can't fix ugly" comes into my head. You have to get it laser removed or covered up. Why would you rush a decision to get a tattoo like that? Did you do much search on the person who tattooed you? Back ground and past tattoos are really important. Be careful if you choose to cover it up. There is also a different between a $50 and a $200 tattoo.

    • thanks huni for the reply. x

      i'll try laser its expensive :(.. but i want too feel good about myself and how i look.

      i like tattoos... just o other people. not me

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    • Did he pressure you into getting that design?

    • sorry i was in a weird mood writting that. there was no pressure on his side i just felt bad cause i was being indecisive so i just went with it i was embarased or something


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  • A good tattoo artist can do amazing coverups and fixes. Laser removal is also quite effective these days. Either option will be quite expensive, though, much more than the original tattoos.

  • 'Without much thought' i think this is the core of the problem... you can remove it with laser, yes. But it's expensive and at times doesn't work completely. When you get a tattoo, you are prepared to wear it your entire life. Be more careful next time. Wish you luck with your problem!

    • i know i wasn't in a good state of mind. no one is perfect

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  • If you want it fixed you could either ask a tattooartist to put a tattoo over it to cover it up or you could have it lasered.
    Why do you hate it though? Is it because of a bad artist or because you don't like the drawing and writing anymore?

    • thanks for the comment.
      i hate it because it was not the design i went in with the tattoo artist was a bit cartoonish and slightly persuaded his way over mine. i wasn't thinking clearly at the time either a guy had just cheated on me and i wasn't really speaking too my friends or family.

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    • awesome comment and advice. much appreciated. x

    • You're welcome! Hope you'll find someone to make it look better!

  • laser it. lol learn from this mistake and NEVER get any tattoos done unless you're ok with your grandkids seeing their 70 year old grandma with tattoos (though it sounds kinda badass now that i think about it).

    • I could be a badass grandma... Haha xx

      Thanks laser is an
      Option and this is a mistake I'll
      Never do again... That's for sure.
      Thanks for the advice much appreciated. X

  • let them laser it, the result is not great, and mostly it only turns out good with smaller tattoos. It's expensive and painful, but the tattoos will be gone.

    • great advice thank you hun. x

  • Laser tattoo removal
    Or you can get it covered up with anirher tattoo :D

    • yeah cover up seems too be the way too go for now and when im older laser if i stil hate it

    • :) good luck for when you get it done!!

  • But you do it on your all body its looks weird
    I can understand I love tattoo ❤