Meeting his family, it's his b'day... what should I wear today? Immediate responses plz.

I'm meeting his family for the first time, we're going out to eat, and it's his birthday.

Would it be alright for me to wear my red dress, black high heel boots, stockings, earrings, and a necklace? Or is that too much?

Normally I'm literally casual... with just a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a piece of jewelry.


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  • It depends on his family and where you're going out to eat. I think you'd be fine with just jeans and a nice shirt. And if you like jewelry, then something to go with the rest of the outfit. The dress and heels and all that might look like you're trying too hard to impress them instead of coming off as a down-to-earth girl.

    • Hmn... would it be fine to wear a regular dress... (like one that isn't too dressy type... but just cute?)

      with a nice pair of shoes... that aren't really dressy?

    • Yes, of course! As long as you're showing them who you really are and not just who you think they want to see, you're golden :)


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  • If your meeting his family for the first time dress well look elegant , beautiful but don't do it too much or it may not be liked by his family ,but please don't wear your casual dress wear a good one but at the same time it must not be too revealing or too much fancy ok best of luck...


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  • If it's his birthday I would probably dress up a little anyways. I'm normally a pretty casual dresser as well, but when it's your man's birthday it's always nice to dress up a bit.