Fashion tips for this old sport.
I wan't to dress classy but please try to leave EXSPENSIVE brand names out.:D

I've seen my people mix hoodies into "cashmere" jackets and they look very dashing.

I've never open a magazine to get with the trend,
And I'm pretty much a bum, throw on some sweats and a tanktop and I'm ready to rock.

Fashion tips, your style, pictures preferred!
Lets see If you can put the right pants on me Ooo babeh~.

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  • If you want something inexpensive try Gap, forever 21 for men online, or h&m now if you're a cheap guy... I'm a cheap girl I recommend got to good will but the good will from fancy neighborgphoods where people just donate their clothes even brand new or to thrift stores you can always find something good in there


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