Am Only 16 He Is 27?

I Have Been Seeing This Guy And He is 27, He Is So nice And We Have So much In Common It Seems To Good To Be True Sometimes. He Has A Beautiful Little Boy That Is 18 Months Old

And I Understand That Its Complicated, We Have Decided To Take Things Slow, I Don't Know How To Tell Anyone About Us, Will They understand..? I Care About Him a Great Deal And He Assures Me He Is Happy, He Isn't Controlling And We Both Get To Have Our Own Life, We Both Know How Important Our Friends Are And We Both Respect That. I Was Wanting To Know If There Is Anyway To Tell People Without Us Being Judged.

Can I Just Ask I am Of Legal Age To Consent To Having A Sexual Relation Ship

He Still Supports His Little Boy And Is A Great Father To His Little Boy
Can I Just Add It Is Not Against The Law, It Is Legal !


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  • I'd say the age difference is a bit wide.


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  • Well there is no way to avoid being judged. Although it seems awesome there is such a thing as being too good to be true. I wouldn't progress any further into a relationship with him. It's very complicated and he already has a child. Which means he may be a little loose on morals and might do stuff with you. Which would be illegal by the way. I try to keep an open mind about age differences. But there is such a thing as dating someone too old or too young. That's an 11 year difference. And like jocelynn512 said below if you tell anyone he will probably end up behind bars. Which he should actually because it's wrong. I'm sorry to come down on you but this is my opinion. DO NOT PROGRESS INTO THE RELATIONSHIP! You have been warned this is just trouble waiting to happen. If you progress into the relationship and he got you pregnant what would you do? How could you look your mother or father in the face and tell them what you did? Do you think any of your loved ones would approve of this? Probably not. So please PLEASE heed my advice because right now you can control your destiny. Later on if you do something stupid with him there will be no turning back. Make the right choice before it's too late...

  • You are a fool... Leave him before you regret it. All I have to say.


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  • When I was 21 I dated a man 10 years older than me with two kids and it was WAY TOO MUCH for me even at that age. It's illegal, so yes, he will be judged and he should be. Get out now!

  • If it seems to good to be prob is. I think dating a person w kids is one of the hardest thing to do and in my opinion it is way too much for a 16 year old. I think you should reconsider this whole relationship and FYI if you decide to tell your peeps about it, he will prob end up behind bars (rightfully so)