School starts again in two weeks for me and I want to look good although we have a no makeup policy and we have a strict uniform. Help?

My school dress is white and blue vertical stripes that has to reach the knee, a maroon jumper (optional), white knee high socks that can be pushed down, black leather school shoes (no converse/vans/Nike unless for sport) and a blue blazer (optional for first term).

The sport uniform is a white polo shirt with strips of my house colours on either side (dark blue), blue shorts or blue trackies (made out of that silk like fabric), any shoes that can be used in sport, a blue zip up jumper (optional) and a blue hat. All of the sport clothes have parts that are white on them but blue is the main colour.

How do I look good while wearing these? Any school hacks that you use[d]?


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  • Beauty if much more than what we where.

    Smile, appear happy. Engage with people be friendly. People will like you for being a good person thus attracting them to you for friendship.

    Also, if everyone else is wearing the same thing, the outfit can't possibly be any more attractive unless someone is attracted to the shape of their body in the uniform.


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  • lol women in the USA wear Jeans

  • Skin and hair style is key.


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  • Just keep your hair and skin clean, maybe use a bit of lip balm, and wham bam thank you ma'am you'll look great no matter what you wear.