If you walk into a classroom for the first time...

and girls just glance at you but don't look again, does that mean you are ugly? I sat in the back of the room so obviously they wouldn't turn around unless I was like Brad Pitt or something?

I feel so ugly :(


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  • I just think they are being human and assessing the situation. If they're like me, I look at everyone who walks into the room just incase they might be some sort of threat. They could also just be looking for people they may know or bored and just looking around.

    I must say though that the same throught has crossed my mind before when I walk into large classes.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Don't worry, I doubt they think you're ugly. I was in a class with my crush for three weeks before I even noticed him haha.

    • How could dey not notice an amazin guy like me? :(

    • Usually it's hard to keep up with all the new people on the first day of classes.

  • Dont feel bad, Usually because your in the back of the class, Of course your no Brad pitt. But Either their just not interested, OR They think your cute and don't want to Ruin their chances.(:

    Truthfully :D

    • You see, the problem is, I think I'm flippin amazing though. Of course, no Brad Pitt, but still pretty flippin amazing.

    • Maybe because girls like attention. and if you think your so "Flippin Amazing" They may not want to like you. But I bet you are an amazing guy(:

What Guys Said 2

  • maybe there just checking you out

  • You're ugly.

    Good god man.