GUYS: What do you look for?

What do you look for in a girl? Please, don't give any of the "it varies for every guy" stuff. I already know that. I want to know your personal opinion. So, list things that are important to you (in order of importance, please) no matter how small or weird they are.


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  • Penis size is very important, any length of penis and it's a definite no go for me. Other than that, I won't lie, looks play an important part in first impressions, but very little after that. Someone who is fun to be around, has similar interest, can hold her own but still wants my company. Eh I don't know I'm really not too picky, besides instead of finding out what others like and becoming that, why not find someone who likes the person you already are?

  • It seems to be a growing popular trend these days, but I'd settle for great personality. I've fallen for that before. A great, glowing personality, is more than attractive, it's a plus for a lot of people.


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