Is it really that big of a stigma to go to prom not dressed up?

It's my senior year, and I'm not really a social gathering type of person. I decided to try going to prom since it's my last year of high school, and am going with a friend. I don't do formal attire though. It's just the most uncomfortable thing ever for me. I know it's a stigma to go without being dressed up, but how big is it exactly? I don't dress like a hobo or anything. Decent jeans, nice hoodie jacket and a long sleeved shirt that provides complimentary colors for the hoodie. If it's that big of a deal to dress up, I'll pass.

I understand the whole issue with "If she's dressing up, you should show respect and do the same." I told her how I feel about formal wear, and she said that she's okay with it. My main concern is standing out. Even if I wanted to, I lack the formal wear, and funds to rent any.


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  • At my prom, they wouldn't let you IN if you weren't dressed formally as the invitation specified...

    Also, I agree - if you're not formal then why go to prom. You'll look like a janitor or a some random kid who happened upon a prom and accidentally got in...

    As for funds - doesn't your father had any formal wear he could lend you? Or one of your friends?

    • Yeah, good point. I was kind of reluctant when she asked because of how I feel about formal wear and events. I might have to talk to her :/. I doubt I would enjoy it anyway. I'm not really a person who enjoys contact with 200 other people simultaneously.

    • There is not contact with 200 people simultaniously... It's actually contact with only the people you WANT to have contact with.

    • As far as I'm concerned seeing and hearing them is contact enough. If it was a casual party with no more than 15 people I'd be okay.


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  • No, you have to dress up. If you don't then don't go. You'll just ruin the event for others. Prom has and always will be FORMAL attire. If you can't stick to the rules then yeah, I'd say that you should just pass on it. If a guy showed up at my prom in "decent jeans, nice hoodie jacket and a long sleeved shirt that provides complimentary colors for the hoodie" then I would be really pissed off and find some way to remove him from the dance. People may get pissed at my opinion, but I don't care. That is just how I feel.

  • No it's not. But if your date is dressed up you should give her the respect of dressing up too. Would you look at my most recent question please? Thanks!

  • Dressing formal doesn't mean that you have to wear a costume and a tie. Just wear something better that usual. Black usually seems more formal. I 'd propose black fitted jeans and a black shirt with converses and a leather jacket

  • I wouldn't know. I never went.

    but who cares? do what YOU like, REBEL!!


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  • I have never seen ornheard of anyone not dressing up, so I would say it is very rare.