Why do girls wear panties or underwear, I can understand about bra, but not panties?

Hi girls, I want to know the truth. Why do you all wear panties for the exception of the time during you'll period. Please don't tell me any stupid answer like its to cover your stuff, to keep perverts out, or high gene issues. This is all BS! a guy only knows that you not wearing any if you make it known, most guys thinks if you don't have panties line, your wearing strings. As for guys, the same apply for you why do you wear brief. Please don't tell me its to keep unwanted hard ons. I am a guy, an I have stop wearing undies like 4yrs and since then I have not had any unwanted turnons. But I most say it has help me to stop masturbating a lot. The reason why I stop wearing it was because I was sick and tired of summer rashes down there, what about you'll, asked your self seriously, why do I wear undies and then answer this question?


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  • why are people getting so defensive about a simple question?

    if you feel offended just pass this one up...


    Sorry, but that has got to be one of the dumbest questions I've ever heard. First of all, what's under my pants is my business. Second, I really do not want discharge running down my leg. Third, I do not want my jeans or sweatpants rubbing up against my vag. Fourth, I do NOT NOT NOT want people seeing my "secret garden" when I'm wearing a mini skirt. AND, I can understand the summer rash thing for dudes, but honestly, the only times my undies have ever given me any discomfort were because the fabric wasn't breatheable, which is an extremely minor problem. If you wash your underwear, and your body, and wear the right kind of underwear, you should have no problem. I can understand why a guy wouldn't want to wear underwear, but girls do not have the same setup downstairs. It's a totally different scenario for us. And, how would you know anything about why a girl wears underwear. Everybody has different reasons.

    now its clear that whatever goes on with your body is yours to decide but that is like saying water is wet... but that wasn't really the question right?

    especially the last part: "And, how would you know anything about why a girl wears underwear. Everybody has different reasons."


    we are all well aware that men and women have a "different setup" "down there" but what people are usually not aware of are the implications of this, and thusly the reason why some people do what they do... again guess why he asked.

    for example you might not be aware of this, but unless you are wearing baggy pants, your d*** has to hang either left or right, and when you take larger steps it rubs against your pants and leg causing friction and maybe leading to an erection. (which is the main reason I wear boxer briefs, it minimizes friction)

    but thinking about it in a purely theoretic situation, since man cannot gather experience of his own in that field, he maybe goes to a website that allows him to ask questions anonymously because of people like you, one could come to the conclusion that women won't have that exact problem given they don't wear too tight pants. the thing is we cannot know unless we ask, that is what this site is for, questions, not flaming.

    so just out of curiosity one could also ask why not use tampax in "that" time of the month (its called period btw...) and concerning regular "leakage" is it so much that you actually have to wear something? what about those girls that still dont?

    its just questions, get over yourself and ignore them if its such a problem

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      I have to say that this is the best answer that I have heard from the question that I have asked. I don't know if women have realized why men does not talk to them about certain issues, but the answered that was give by this person happens to be one of the prime examples "Sorry, but that has got to be one of the dumbest questions I've ever heard. First of all, what's under my pants is my business". Men on the whole hate to be verbable abuse, and it is a prove fact that 3/4 of all women have this