Ladies I need your help please help me take this dang mascara off or im going to end up with no eyelashes?

I have the mascara 24 hour water proof from cover girl its all black with a strand of orange through the middle and.. Okay this mascara is REALLY water proof and even make up remover proof lol it doesn't want to come off and i end up scraping the mascara off my lashes with my nails and i rip my lashes off haha ( im not a patient person ) .. How can i take this mascara off quickly and effectively? And NO i can't use another mascara because its the ONLY mascara that lifts my lashes sadly ):

(I rip them off by accident not on purpose )
I love how this mascara holds my lashes up all day no matter what its like cement


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  • Yikes, I never tried that stuff.
    Good luck and don't get any of that oil or vas in your eyes, especially the vas.
    Maybe just dab and wipe but with a med pad, 2X2 inches.
    Treat the pad only, wipe with the treat pad, and wipe then with a clean one.
    Stop immediately if any stinging occurs.
    Maybe be near a shower with the water running in case you need an emergency flush.
    Good Luck


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  • Olive oil (yes the stuff in the kitchen, I don't mean to be bitchy but it wouldn't allow a short answer)

  • I've heard that vaseline can do the trick.

  • Try taking a q-tip, dab some lotion (any lotion, hand or body) and closing the eye you want to start with in a downward motion wipe the q-tip on your eye lashes. This was how I used to remove my mascara and eye liner when I ran out of make-up remover.

  • use oil maybe baby oil? nd yea petroleum jelly.. put some with finger nd massagee it gently until the oil or jelly turns black clean off nd repeat... :)

  • Baby oil, olive oil, vaseline, hair or body oil or lipgloss. Anything that has oil in it

  • Like the ladies said! Oil works great =]
    I personally use coconut organic oil

    Its great for makeup remover
    And for the hair
    And body

  • Use some oil or petroleum jelly maybe..
    But just don't let it enter your eyes.
    Although gently rubbing with soap and water always works for me

    • Thank you!! i will try that again this is super hard stuff cx

  • Have you tried cold cream, or olive oil and I hate to say it maybe try mayo?

    • I have not but what does mayo do?

    • Like how does it help it come off? :)

    • Id try mayo if you had no other alternative like oil or Vaseline. LOL ;) Good Luck!