Is it bad that I'm not into the "big ass" fad?

I love wide hips on a woman but I don't get the big bulbous ass cheeks obsession.

A woman in Brazil had her leg muscles rot because of an illegal surgery to make her ass bigger.

Will this fad go away soon, or is it here to stay?

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  • Nahh I like smaller tight asses.


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What Girls Said 4

  • She looks like She has holes in her body!!! :0
    It's not bad by the way.
    I don't understand why some women are so desperate to have a big ass. God knows that the only reason they want it is because they think men worship them.

    If a woman naturally has it then it's okay, if she gets surgery to have it.. Then it's questionable because did she only get it to attract guys? Who knows.

  • It's only a "fad" because of all the super skinny girls getting huge butts with injections. If you love wide hips, it usually comes with a big butt and it isn't a fad.

    • Wide hips come with big butts, but not the kind of big I'm talking about, not like that nicki minaj anaconda picture.

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    • I'm talking about the big butt obsession.

    • Oh okay. But you get that it's a fad because of the fakes ones right... cause naturally big butts can't be a fad

  • It's not wrong, you're free to think what ever you want.

  • I dont understand it either. It doesn't even look nice, looks like a horse.


What Guys Said 2

  • You can like whatever you want. Every person has his/her own attractions. Just because it seems like big asses are a fad or whatever doesn't mean you have to like the fad in order to be considered normal or cool. I am not into big asses and that does not make me bad in any way. Same goes to you.

  • It's a fad? lol I've always been into asses but seriously, wtf? This is why another reason why I hate the media/Hollywood, got people out here doing wild shit and going to the extremes over their "ideal" body instead of promoting confidence and self-love.
    By the way, a nice ass is not always a big ass.