Dating! How should I dress?

a lot of women get judged on their appearance, so do men but if I wear a skirt too short I'm automatically a slut in the eyes of most people. My question is how does a girl have to dress to be seen a type of girl a guy would date. I prefer simple and sweet. sometimes cute with a little sass. I try not to do too much when it comes to the sexy factor because a man might think I'm going to hop into the bed with him automatically because I'm showing too much cleavage and leg. help me out here, I'm getting back into the dating world and I just want to be taken seriously. My new style is more bohemian/cute but simple.


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  • Honestly, guys love girls who dress sweet. Think nice warm sweaters, like a sweater dress and leggings if you're going out, or hoodie and sweats if you're staying in. Trust me they like the girl next door look :)


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  • Slut = we want to bang
    girl next door = we want to date

    As long as you are attractive, a man will pursue you however depending on how you dress will also dictate how the man pursues you. Lets say i meet you and your are dressed provocatively, i will automatically hit on you for the number and later on invite you out to a party // bar or club.

    However, if you are dressed simple, attractive and next door look.. i will pursue you with the intent to see if i am compatible with you rather than "Get her number, do whatever it takes to get her in bed."

    I'd say this is 60% true for most men.

    • thank you really appreciate the feedback

    • @That-Guy speaks truth... as a woman who is 30 and loves to wear skirts and dresses and heels more times than not. I would have to pretty much agree with this observation.
      Well said, sir.

  • Sounds to me like you have the right idea.

  • I love when a girl dresses to accentuate her best feature (s) on a date. It tells me she's into me enough to want to make a good impression and wants me to find her attractive. You can show off your best features without going over the top. By a later date when we'll naturally be getting more physical, I like it if she subtley steps up the sexy!


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