Masculine to wear kilts?

Well I just started dating an amazing guy. we click on every level. (to describe him to divergent fans I swear he IS four). we were talking the other day and he says he has (and wears) kilts, owns 2 of them, wears em like he wears shorts. just wondering how many of u think that's weird cuz I totally do. would u poke fun at a guy in a kilt if u saw him in public?


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  • I had to wear one to a wedding years ago, I remember it felt and looked very weird! lol

    • Im wondering if id b ok being seen in public with him in a kilt lol. Also I hate wearing skirts. What would b your first impression of a guy in a kilt?

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    • Awesome thanks

    • No worries, thanks for MH!


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    yes, totally masculine. let him wear his kilts in peace, woman!

  • If he likes it's nbd. You have the option to wear shorts or skirts. He has the option to wear shorts or kilts.

    • True and good answer. But would u judge him because he's wearing a kilt? Im an aspiring fashion designer and I just think its odd to see a guy not in pants. Yeah it nbd but I don't want people to b laughing at him behind his back

    • Nope not odd. It's his style and his decision. I went to uni with a guy who wore a kilt all the time and eventually he just became another guy. People get use to things and move on.

    • Sweet. Thank u!

  • it's culture. i like that.

  • @gray_sailor here's one for you. My vote is hell yes they are sexy.