Do guys like the girls who look natural or a girl who fixes her hair, makeup, nails,etc.

well I always see my boyfriend looking at all these girls that I think is so ugly and never looking at the girls that I think are pretty. he's always looking at girls that look like they don't really care about their appearance very much and it makes me mad but if he was to look at a girl who was actually in my eyes worth staring at I would not care. well I'm just thinking that maybe he thinks girls that are kinda boyish or not girly is hotter. I am in between but I always care about how I look like I'm not gonna walk outside looking like a clown or looking like a skank neither so what do you think. when he is staring at these girls do you think he is staring because they look good in his eyes and he wants to stare or guys just stare at girls for no reason. and do you think natural looking girls are hotter than made up girls?


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  • Well, on the hypothertical side of things, if you're asking if a guy would rather be with a hot girl who does nothing for her appearance or an ugly girl who takes good care of herself, that's the same as asking a woman if she would rather have an ugly guy who's wealthy or a good-looking guy who is poor. The answer is a moot point.

    But, if you are asking which girl a guy would pick if the two girls in question are of equal looks, I choose the girl who is high maintenance. I do what I can to take care of my appearance, so I appreciate women who do the same. A woman who takes the time and trouble to do her make-up, hair, and nails is a woman who cares about how she presents herself to the world ( and her potential mate ), and I appreciate that.


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  • The natural look tumps the made up look any day of the week. I'm going to paste a previous answer to a similar question to explain:

    Stupid, pointless, narcissistic excess. That's what we see it as. And yes, those qualities do translate to being high maintenance.

    Picture it this way:

    What would you think of a guy who pulled up to the supermarket in a Lamborghini? You'd probably admire the car at first and be WOWED by it but after you stopped to think about it for a second you'd start to wonder what kind of idiot would take a car that impractical to the supermarket? It doesn't have enough luggage space to carry your groceries home, it uses a tremendous amount of gas, and it's odd style doors are a bitch to use in any parking situation where you're parked side by side with other cars. So what if he worked hard for the money and earned it? It still doesn't make the act of driving that car to the supermarket anything other than an exercise in stupid, pointless, narcissistic excess that goes hand-in-hand with a high maintenance personality.

    You may be awed by the car and admire it from afar, but you certainly won't approach the guy who did it because you just KNOW he's got an attitude that makes him THINK he's too good for you, even though he isn't.

    And that is exactly how we see it when we see a girl at a place such as the supermarket dressed in expensive looking clothes with her hair done up and her nails done. The fake tan cinches it. A stupid, pointless exercise in narcissistic excess that goes hand-in-hand with a high maintenance personality. The guy may admire how she looks, but he probably won't approach her.

    Just like that guy should save the Lamborghini for the track and weekend joyrides, she should save that look for the club. To bring either that car or that look out when they're not called for is, as mentioned above, just a stupid and pointless exercise in narcissistic excess. That's how guys see it even though you may not, and that's where the high maintenance thing comes from.

    Remember that men are, by nature, simplistic creatures and it is part of our nature to put practicality before all else. That's why we wear loose-fitting pants made of durable fabrics that have enough pocket space to carry around everything you need. That's why we appreciate lots of features in the merchandise we buy and, when it comes to cars, we actually CARE about stats like horsepower, torque, and the suspension layout while the girl just likes that it's "cute."

    We tend to be able to appreciate women who can see things from our "practicality first" perspective. Sure we like seeing women dressed up, but only when the occasion calls for it. When it doesn't, we like just as much to see her dress down and put the unnecessary and extravagant "decorations" away. So when we see a woman who just doesn't *get* that concept, yes, it is VERY easy to label her as an obviously "high-maintenance" girl.

    High maintenance = drama queen.

    • Your answer does make a lot of sense. But forgive me, I am sick of hearing girls being compared to cars.

    • She's not being compared to the car but the guy.

    • Well I just think that those type of people are just people who care about what people think of them and like attention no matter where they go! I don't always where makeup everywhere but sometimes when I don't I will eventually wish that I did because people just look at me diffrent and I look really young with out makeup and he always tells me not to where it so I try not to all the time but for me putting on makeup in the morning is the same as me getting dressed like I feel naked w/out it.

  • Well... I greatly appreciate women's natural beauty. I really love women that are naturally beautiful and can wear little to no make-up and STILL look fanstastic.

    Too much make-up is gross IMO, girls look all plastic and fake when they put on too much make-up.

  • honestly, most guys prefer girls without make up the more natural look. the reason behind this is unknown to us, but we know we prefer it. I am a guy that is not afraid to wear make up and one of my exes and I would get into fights as we would both wear make up...she hated it as I looked fake and I would always tell her that is how I feel when she wore make up. I mean I know that make up is worn to try to look your best, but honestly girls look better without make up most of the time. but again, it is a guys personal opinion to what he likes.

    and your boyfriend is probably just looking to look, I mean by nature we guys are menat to spread our seed to as many woman as we can...but we don't live like that anymore. but because of our nature, we will never stop looking so women do us a favor and stop getting mad when you see us look, when you see us look we are just looking but we are with you not the girls we look at plus sometimes when we look we are thinking about how we are with a girl sooooo much hotter than all the other girls! lol! so with us men, you never know! lol!

  • natural ftw, no doubt about it.

  • I like girls who look natural. A girl fixing her hair, fine, nothing wrong with it. Nails, that's really borderline for me. Please no long nails (not even mentioning fake ones - brrr).

    Short and coloured can be okay. Depends on other stuff. If together with high heels, nah, not for me.

    And makeup, it depends. Mascara, perfectly okay. Sometimes I even like black eye shadow (but just black). Can look good, but doesn't always. Really depends, hard to tell. But in general, the more natural the look, the better. Lots of makeup I find awful.

  • Get all dressed and glammed but still having a natrual look

  • I stare at girls for no reason lmao. But I do like fit the ones that play sports. I don't know if you see that as boyish but those girls are so hot. Natural is way better

  • Def like a girl to wear make up, esp lipstick, and fix her hair and look presentable.


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  • GIRL PRETTY- makeup, up to date hairstyle, trendy clothes, nails, other accessories. We usually notice it because those are the hallmarks of a fashionable glamorous girl.

    GUY PRETTY- body, face, clear skin, natural. Guys are biologically programmed to notice indicators of health (natural good looks). He's probably not caring about how she dresses up but what she would look like just rolling out of bed.

    Usually guys and girls find different things attractive. If I am with my guy friend and he's talking about girls he thinks are pretty I'm like "HER?" but the girls I think are pretty he's just like "Meh.."

    • Exactly that is by far the best answer I have heard from a girl. Guys look for proof of health, girls look for skill in hiding it.

      I hate lipstick & am constantly boggle by nail polish (especially on the toes) but she likes it so I don't care but for guys we would rather see the pink of freshly scrubbed skin and clear fingernails then all this fake red.