Do guys like the girls who look natural or a girl who fixes her hair, makeup, nails,etc.

well I always see my boyfriend looking at all these girls that I think is so ugly and never looking at the girls that I think are pretty. he's always looking at girls that look like they don't really care about their appearance very much and it makes me mad but if he was to look at a girl who was... Show More

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  • Well, on the hypothertical side of things, if you're asking if a guy would rather be with a hot girl who does nothing for her appearance or an ugly girl who takes good care of herself, that's the same as asking a woman if she would rather have an ugly guy who's wealthy or a good-looking guy who is poor. The answer is a moot point.

    But, if you are asking which girl a guy would pick if the two girls in question are of equal looks, I choose the girl who is high maintenance. I do what I can to take care of my appearance, so I appreciate women who do the same. A woman who takes the time and trouble to do her make-up, hair, and nails is a woman who cares about how she presents herself to the world ( and her potential mate ), and I appreciate that.

    • I love your answer!