What is the secret to having good hair days everyday?

What is the secret to having good hair days everyday? Or at least decent? I am not really hair knowledgeable and I am not really sure how to fix my hair to have good hair days. I do the same thing and every once in a while I will have a really good hair day but then the rest is crappy, and it is started to annoy me. I don't really want to use any products on my hair. Here is how my hair is: It is cut into layers and I have natural curl. I wash my hair in the morning, comb it out when its wet then scrunch it so it will be curly. Then I flip my head over and dry it with the diffuser and then I flip it back up and finish drying it. Sometimes I scrunch it while I dry it as well. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Do you have any ways you style your hair curly that I might try? I'd rather not wear it straight. Thanks!


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  • I also have layered and naturally curly hair and the ONLY way to have good hair days every day is to use product. I recommend Garnier Fructis curl lotion or Frizz Ease spray because they help maintain cute springy curls without making them feel crunchy. Just put some in your hair after you wash it and don't turn your head upside down, it will create a puff look. Instead, tilt your head to the side and scrunch as you dry with the diffuser. Or just scrunch it and let it air dry but once it's dry, don't touch it because it will frizz. Using a shampoo and conditioner for curly hair is good too and doing a deep conditioning mask once a week is highly recommended as well. Moisture is key to nice curls. Hope this helps and happy hair days to you!

    • Ok thanks, I'm gonna try to get my mom to let me use products. She thinks they aren't good for hair, but I am just tired of having bad hair days. And the shampoo and conditioner I use my stylist gave it to me and my mom so I'm gonna stick with that because she would know.

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    • I will not use any products on my hair at all, its nasty and it makes your hair all sticky feeling. If you want it curly I would use a jelly on your hair, but since your mother won't let you use products maybe go the the hair dressers and get it curled.

    • Jelly would be worse than the products I've suggested. It's funny how you comment on my answers as nasty, you need to get a life.


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  • Our hair is exposed to all sorts of nasties in the air like pollution, air conditioning, cigarette smoke and more. Products help protect your hair from these things. There isn't really a guaranteed way to have good hair days without the use of some products, the point is to pick and choose your products carefully.

    Sulphates in shampoos can strip and dry your hair, so you could try using a shampoo that has low amounts or no sulphates at all. You can check on the bottle to see if your shampoo contains sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate. The higher up on the list it is, the more of it is in the shampoo. I recommend Mastey or Mastey Pure which uses lipids like the ones created naturally by our hair to clean itself.

    Adding some Frizz Ease serum to your hair after you wash it and while it is still wet is a good way to make your curls soft and bouncy instead of fly-away and frizzy. You only need a tiny amount of this, so maybe your mum won't mind you using it.

    Good luck and may your days be good hair days! :)

  • Try to use the same hair products everyday and also while rinsing out shampoo- take a few extra minutes to let the water run. Even if the shampoo is all out. Running cold water on it for a minute or too will also help shine and consistency. Also, try drying with a regular blow dryer. Not a diffuser. Like put heat on a section of hair until it seems dry then let the hair cool for 5-10 seconds and then remove brush. Also, after getting your haircut ask for it to be styled. Learn how to do it then try on your own.

  • I wash my hair once every two days (about, if I have time to) Because washing your hair too much would take away the natural oils your hair needs to stay shiny and smooth. I my hair thinned out (using scissors and taking off excess hair), and my hair is layered now, unnoticeable layers, but it's there! When I dry it, I just put the blowdryer on high and just blow my hair dry, don't comb it after you dry it, use your hands to comb through. I leave my hair a bit wet, so when I run my hands through my hair, it's a bit wet, but not wet enough to leave water marks, that's too wet! It will make your hair worse!

    My Hair will not hold a curl, no matter how hard I try (or maybe I'm doing it wrong) but oh well. I just part my hair different ways on different days, since you have layers, parting your hair will change the way it looks. If not, just tie it up into a ponytail, and leave some of your bangs or take out wisps or hair to frame your face.

  • I use baby gel and makes it smooth and shinny and not frizzy and on windy days use a hat and on summer days I use enough gel baby and use a hair pin and hair band to make it a good hair day.