Girls, can you please help?

I have really long and thick hair (my hair is down to my butt). Anyway, since I was little, everyday my mom has to braid my hair. She never lets me to wear it out to school, because she afraid that my hair will get tangled and I will also get lice. But I find it that I look prettier with my hair completely down, because going everywhere with a braid or a bun is boring, right? I've been trying to convince her to let me wear my hair down for more than 9 years. But still no success... Do you have any advice?


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  • I have the same length hair and just bring a mini brush in your backpack! You won't get lice that's ridiculous, that's like saying you will get west nile virus just because there are mosquitoes out there. Even if it's braided you can get lice too, if that was a real excuse then why doesn't she make you shave it all off? Tell her you are embarrassed and you feel confident with it down!

  • I think you should tell her that you will bring some hair supplies to school, just in case it does get tangled. Bring a brush, hairpins and hair ties.