Living at home by my parents rules?

So i have to obey my parents rules but I'm almost 20 and i should be in a dorm. I kinda have a deal that since im college age i can live like that. I mean no drinking or guys over all night but you know.

But lately my moms been on my ass about cleaning my room. I clean mine every week and its so much nicer than my friends. However i don't have a lot of space to put things. And my room is halfway painted and so when im cleaning and trying to organize it messes me up. Don't ask.
See, my mom started painting my room when it was messy then decided it was too messy and stopped. I had it clean but she didn't have time and then she said i could do it but then it was winter and she took it back. And now she just doesn't want to? Claims my rooms always messy.

I want to put blankets on the wall to cover it up but she said i can't leave holes in the wall. Do tacks show holes?

I guess what I'm asking is what can i do? I want my room to be comfortable and relaxing for me. And it so isn't. I have blankets and tacks and tape and magazines. I have cardboard. Help me create a tumblr worthy bedroom!


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  • Roll up your sleeves and get shit done. In a week of solid work this will all be past worry.


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  • Finish the painting by yourself. It's your room. Someone wrecked it and won't do anything else. You can't make her finish the work so you have to do it yourself or suffer through the ugliness.


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  • How about you just finish painting the walls yourself, why have her paint your bedroom?