What do girls like in a guy physically? First impressions that you get from across the crowd type of thing.

So I work out a lot. I could say that it's one of my biggest habits. I just feel better afterwards and I like being athletically fit. My question is, what do girls usually like? My motivation to work out isn't really to get attention--although its good--its more on the side of being physically competitive with my friends and our hobbies of playing sports and such. I'm just curious as to what girls notice first? What do you all feel is the best attribute? It's just one of those things that's been in my head and I've been curious to know.


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  • A guys face is definitely his best attribute. If a guy has a really nice body, but an unattractive face, I will not be physically attracted to him at all.


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  • I love clear, alluring eyes. That is the first thing I look at on a guy. Next, his teeth. I love clean, white straight teeth, it also shows that he has good dental hygiene. Finally, I look at his biceps and chest. If he works out then that's a big plus. I like a guy who is a little bit cut however it's not a requirement. The requirement that supersedes anything is how he treats me.

    • I completely agree with you on the last part--but for the first part, I got stuck with the dark brown eyes unfortunately lol

    • That's ok! I am not saying he has to have blue or green eyes. My eyes are green :( so a color like brown is cool too.

  • An attractive feature that always catches my attention has always been very broad muscular shoulders. That nice upside down triangle shape is pretty good looking.


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