Should I dye my hair?

Random question I am just bored I have been thinking of trying another colour for my hair maybe black but not sure yet what kinds of colours do you think are good when it comes to hair colour?



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  • Purple or Blue are good colors for hair :D

    • Hmm not bad for colours that could be pretty but just the tips are all?

    • I think is better dye all the hair (although is a bit harder to take and does more damage tothe hair)
      But you can just dye your tips (because it looks a little weird when you dye all you hair and the roots grow up)...

    • Hmm good point maybe I all try the tips to see how I like the colour on me thanks

  • Redddddddddd

  • We need to see a pic of you to know

    • Hmm ok well I might be able to upload one its a dark brown currently

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    • That should set off red flags in your head

    • Well there was a lot more to it then that he brought up some valid points and there was other things going on its a bit complicated to say the least

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  • i think your hair looks fine as it is. if you dye it black, its not much of a difference. a dark red/auburn color would probably bring out your features nicely. :-)

    • Hmm thank you yeah I just get bored from time to time I`m thinking of trying one of those colour thanks :)

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    • hahah yeah. luckily i'm kinda okay with this hair color. i don't mind waiting a bit. at least it isn't bright orange or green or something lol!

    • Yeah at least its not bright yellow or green lol that would suck at least you are ok with the colour