Guys, would you rather be scrawny, shorter but with a huge dick, or tall and cut body with a tiny dick?

By huge dick, about 10"+ and girthy.
By tiny dick, no bigger than 4", but maybe smaller.

  • Small body, huge dick
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  • Tall and great body, tiny dick
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  • No comment
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By shorter, I mean the male world average height, whatever that is. As opposed to the tallest guys. I'm not talking about a dwarf.


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  • If you have a scrawny body you'll seldom get to use that horse cock. If you have a tiny cock you'll be satisfied but you might not get much repeat business. It's a tough one, but there's a new sucker born every day!

    • You could wear tight pants. You'll probably get business that way.

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    • Well I'm not talking about abnormally scrawny, just typical, everyday scrawny.

    • haha lol


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What Girls Said 3

  • I'd rather be the second one.

  • I'd prefer the B guy!

  • Tall guy please!

    • Yeah sex won't be as fun but tall is what I find most attractive and if his dick has to be smaller than Well I'll deal with it

What Guys Said 6

  • small body and huge dick of course

  • I'm 6' tall with a 4" penis, though I'm not "cut" by any means. I'd trade 6" of height to add it to my penis without hesitation.

  • I'd rather have a small body and a tiny dick.

  • The giant dick won't help you get girls, the height and great body will.

    • How do you know?

    • Because your dick isn't being publicly advertised, and if it is, you're breaking the law and will be labelled a massive creep.

      Skinny is not too bad, many girls actually like it, although it's not as good a fit/athletic body. But being short will kill your chances with tons of girls, look it up bro, hundreds of studies to back me up on that. Whereas being tall greatly increases your physical attractiveness, again, look it up.

      The height and body build the physical attraction, which gets your foot in the door for building emotional connection and there you go! While your small dick won't be ideal, they'll love you enough not to care.

      Option B any day of the week.

    • Yeah, sure but it depends how short. I meant shorter than the tallest guys, let's say the world average in male height, whatever that is. As far as not being able to show it, of course you can't whip it out, but you can wear tight clothing. Some guys apparently stuff their underwear. That Justin Bieber photoshop controversy involved making his crotch bigger.

  • i am 3 ft tall , 300 lbs... i got 10 inch cock i satisfy
    all the girls from gag

  • If want to be huge and with a big one piece suit with arrows pointed towards my little junk. Maybe go by the wrestling name little Meaty.