Thoughts on belly button piercings?

Just wondering if I should or shouldn't get one and if they hurt lol. I imagine they hurt a little, right? And do they get infected easily? just cuz that's a little gross. I have my ears pierced but since this is a whole different place I'm not so sure I'm up for it or if I should just forget about it :P


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  • I think some look nice. Glad your surgery went well.

    • Yay and thanks it went a ton better than I thought It would. Now I'm waiting to go back and get my staples removed haha

    • You're welcome. I wouldn't worry about it, now that the surgery is over its an easy road from this point.

  • super hot, gives me something to play with when I'm licking the navel area


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  • they look good on some women. my cousin wanted to have one but she heard that you have to take out the piercing if you get pregnant

    • What about a really fat person lol

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    • No I was just wondering if it would hurt for them :D

    • every person has a different tolerance in pain. weight doesn't matter.

  • They do hurt more than on your ears, but if you get a good place and are prepared you hsould be good. As for infection just make sure you go to a good place (nowhere sketchy) so you know they're sanitary and also be religious about cleaning your piercing and taking care of yourdelf.