I really like this guy...but I barely talk to him

i sometimes see him and all my friends say they they see him and I've noticed he's being nice to all my friends. he's in one of my classes and tomorrow I have to talk in front of the whole class. should I make eye contact with him a lot tom? because he should be looking at me during the class when I'm speaking so should I see what he does?


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  • yea but he may also feel uncomfortable when you smile at him. he may feel like he's the center of attention then and some guys don't like tht. (I know I dont). the setting doesn't seem right to do the "smile".. a better place for that would be if he was with a group of his friends and like you lock eyes in the hallway. then show off the smile and see how he responds. I would just glance at him while your presenting and if he seems interested in you then ull know there's chemistry and you should try to spark up a convo whenever you can. if he's like playin with his pen or lookin around you know the feelings aren't mutual..


What Girls Said 1

  • Smile at him! Seriously when you guys lock guys give a small smile and look away. It work's every time I promise you.