What makes a guy hot versus cute?

I know I can place a girl into categories cute, sexy, hot,

Do girls do this with guys? What makes a guy cute, sexy and hot?

Is it possible to meet a guy you think is hot. then he becomes cute to you. then he is never hot to you again?


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  • To me, cute is where everything about a guy just falls nicely into place. Eyes, smile, laugh, style, and personality that just make my heart melt. Sexy is when a guy is confident without being cocky and has a nice body, that for me would be in good shape with defined muscles but not like meat head jock or body builder muscles and not too skinny. Hot is the one that's hardest for me to describe. Hot is where there's something about a guy that's appealing enough for me to want to look twice. I don't make a big deal about the way guys look, but if I look twice and like what I see, I consider him to be hot.


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  • Cute means a guy that has a nice face or smile or something.

    Sexy means that I'm referring to his body.

    Hot means that everything looks good and is in order. LOL.

  • Yep all the time in that same order! When I call a guy cute I would only be talking about his face! When I call him sexy I'm talking about the body only! When I call him hot - he's hot all around!

  • A "cute" guy is just avg. he has an ok body a decent smile not really tall kinda shy, a "hot" guy to me is tall tan toned great smile the whole package that almost any girl would want.

    • ...This is just my opinion it may be different for others bt.w

  • of course we do


    a guy is cute when he's sweet, is a little shy,

    and just makes me wanna pet him X3

    now a hot guy has that air around him that makes me think

    "damn, I want him!"

    and he's not afraid to actually talk to girls

  • Cute = good looking guy

    sexy = good looking guy that carries himself extremely well

    hot= the best eye candy

  • If he becomes cute to me, then that means I like him and find something about him adorable. If I really like a guy, he is sexy and hot to me no matter what he looks like.

  • Cute- (1) A guy who's good-looking, but I am not turned on by him.

    2) His actions or personality can make him cute.

    Sexy- A guy who I would f*** on sight if I wasn't such a prude. To be sexy, you don't really have to have a certain look or be a pretty boy, but you have to have confidence and swagger that turns girls on.

    Hot- A guy who is classically good-looking and would look good standing next to me. Dorian from College Hill (the model).

  • I don't have that stupid rule? Looks could be perfect but when they open there mouth is when I'm trippin and thinking what are they smokin LOL.

    As long there human and not a UFO ahaha.

  • a cute guy to me usually has a baby face and a original body.

    a hot guy usually has a really nice body and a nice face.

    but for the meeting thing. no I don't think that's possible for me.

  • Sweet - big heart, no difference between sexy and hot in my dictionary. But it's not an inner trait.

  • to me a cute guy has a really funny, sweet personality.

    a hot guy would be a nice body with a nice face and has to have an amazing personality.

  • the way I see it, is that if a guy is attractive because of his quirks and unique physical traits/"flaws", he's cute. but that's like his default setting. he could easily become sexy in uhm, different situations. ;D

    it works the same way vice versa, but with less emphasis on the emotional, more emphasis on sexual gratification. get it? :)

  • yeah they do! what makes a guy cute is the way they dress. if they dress like an old fashioned nerd then that does not make them cute. what makes them sexy is the way they are. sexual and combines with hot. they are very hot and sexual like they want to kiss and hug you not anymore sexual than that for my age.

  • Yeah! Most girls do!

    cute-nice, sorta good-looking, funny, but more like your best friend than your crush

    sexy-6 pack, nice ass, legs (tanned), good looks, confidence

    hot-very good looking! Face and hair!

  • A HOT guy to me would be some one who has a nice body and when I see them I'm just like "Damn I would do him in a heart beat" but then it not some one I would actually pursue

    A CUTE guy to me is a guy that makes me love everything about them like his goofy smile or the hairs that are always out of place. a guy I feel warm around like I could cuddle with them for the rest of my life and no matter what he says to me it will always feel like I'm in the right place at the right time and no one or nothing could ever hurt me. That's a guy I would keep around at all cost ; ]

  • Ok. So what makes a guy hot to me, is his personality. I want someone who can make me laugh. I don't want a guy who tries too hard or not enough to make me laugh. Appearance helps to, but I'm not one of those Girly Froo From Girls, so its not really a major part.

  • no. girls don't have categories like guys, and we don't understand why guys have these categories. cute sexy and hot are all synonymns for the exact same thing. cute is preferred, cause that means the girl likes you. hot is almost never used for real people that the girl actually knows. it's equivalent to cute except out of her league, she likes to look at you but will never meet you in real life (ie troy bolton). sexy is not used because it sounds trampy. we want to like a guy as a person, not for his body.

  • Cute can sometimes mean that a guy is good looking, but not someone you really like. Sexy is more of the time when you're thinking about how their body looks, but hot is when you like everything and wouldn't mind having more of a relationship.


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  • My question is what if you get called really cute, hot, sexy, and extremely attractive? Not by the same girl but different ones? Help me out on this one ladies