What makes a guy hot versus cute?

I know I can place a girl into categories cute, sexy, hot,

Do girls do this with guys? What makes a guy cute, sexy and hot?

Is it possible to meet a guy you think is hot. then he becomes cute to you. then he is never hot to you again?


Most Helpful Girl

  • To me, cute is where everything about a guy just falls nicely into place. Eyes, smile, laugh, style, and personality that just make my heart melt. Sexy is when a guy is confident without being cocky and has a nice body, that for me would be in good shape with defined muscles but not like meat head jock or body builder muscles and not too skinny. Hot is the one that's hardest for me to describe. Hot is where there's something about a guy that's appealing enough for me to want to look twice. I don't make a big deal about the way guys look, but if I look twice and like what I see, I consider him to be hot.