What color of lips as well as makeup do men prefer?

I like to wear red lipstick every once in awhile. Most, women don't... Do men like it or do they prefer lip gloss? Chapstick? lol... Is it true you guys prefer the more natural look? :)



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  • Red can be so, so hot! It instantly attracts attention to your lips and mouth. Also, there is something about it being left on the rim of a glass... sort of like part of you is still there after you have left for that day.

    It will just remind him of you... and if another girl sees it, it is an instant warning!



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  • I personally do prefer the more natural look, I'm not saying though that make-up is a bad thing. For me the more natural look shows me that she has self confidence and is happy with the way she looks. I don't think anyone likes clown make-up on a girl. Really, it depends on the guy who is looking at you.

  • Lip gloss looks better according to me, its simple and attractive. Extreme makeup is mostly a turn off, because its like you want all the attention just keep it normal not over the limit. About makeup here's my advice girls with pink cheeks look cute.


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