Guys: Short or long hair? (I have short) Do guys like dark brown eyes?

Okay, I have a short bob, and dark brown, almost black eyes.

turn-on or turn off?


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  • All men have different preferences, yes, even in little things like hair and eye color. And honestly some hair lengths look better with different hair colors, and hair colors look better with diffferent lengths and styles, etc. AND every man's opinion on that will be different.

    But I love dark brown eyes(I have dark brown as well) and dark hair is awesome with dark brown eyes :) And a bob isn't too bad, but I prefer shoulder length because it shows more motion and life I think. And all the dark shades have beautiful contrasts.


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  • My hairstylist is drop dead georgeous. She has dark brown/almost black hair and dark brown eyes. She totally rocks the bob. I wouldn't change a thing on her.

    In general, though, men prefer long hair. For proof, go to Hooters or look at a Playboy magazine.

  • Different guys like different things, but personally I like all eye colours and hair lengths. There are more important things.


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