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Is it normal for fair-skinned people to look ugly under flourescent lights?

I was at a department store trying on clothes. I looked in the mirror and my cheeks looked all blotchy and unflattering. But in my room at home I... Show More

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  • ahahhaha me too, it sucks, my cheeks are blotchy and my face looks soo much more red, I'm pretty white ;)

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  • florescent lights aren't flattering for anyone. i'm as white as a person can be without having albinism, I don't look blotchy, but they do tend to light me in the wrong way =S

  • Fluorescent lights are anything but natural, they have a weird tone to them. That's why they're not used for lighting in movies (I don't know anything about photography, but I assume it's the same)--they make people look bad.

  • I'm fair, and I look kind of bad under florescent light's too. I'm dreading the day that those will be the only kind of light bulbs they sell lol.

    • I don't think florescents are the future. those eco bulbs are. I have them in my house and they cast more of a natural light and they don't make people look nasty =D

    • Really? Good, I was worried haha.

  • NO! its just that you look better under other lights! Like models in photo shoots lighting is very important

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  • Non one looks good under florescent lightingEven Dark-skinned people like look awkward under it.

  • I don't think I have ever looked blotchy in certain kinds of light, and I'm extremely pale. I seriously look like a vampire.

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