Am I nerdy?

People at school consider me a nerd. I guess it's because I play an instrument and I'm number 10 in my class. Yet they always tell me I'm trying to be cute and I can dress. But is making good grades, staying out of trouble, and playing an instrument make me a nerd? I just don't want to be like everyone else at my school.


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  • If you are good-looking and have a sense of style, you're not a nerd. Don't worry about it.

    Also, consider the source. *Who* considers you a nerd? When I was in HS I was well-dressed, cute, had a few guys who liked me, and had friends. I definitely wasn't a loser and I'm sure you're not either. I still got called a nerd by people who would do nothing but criticize others and sleep with anyone in a 5 mile radius. Those same people are now pathetic baby mamas who jump from guy to guy because they didn't get the skills they needed to take care of themselves (and they all got fat too haha)! The moral of the story is: just do you. If they are calling you a nerd, that means they are spending way too much time thinking about you.


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  • Honestly I am a "nerd" too just like you I am very smart I usually stay out of trouble and I keep my grades somehow high and I always try to look my best and have fun but I am considered more of a rebel because I even when I am being good I'm always stepping on the teachers nerves but never too much as to get sent to the office and I'm always doing wild stuff when I know I won't get caught etc. But stereotypes are always going to be around so just be yourself do what you enjoy doing and be happy with yourself

  • Just, don't act like a "Nerd" all the time. Like I'm the kid, not really paying attention in class because I already know all the answers and on the "hard ones" the teacher calls on me to explain them, I solve rubik's cubes for people. Things like that.

    I get called a nerd a lot, but as long as you don't act nerdy around your friends and dress like a weird nerd ( have style ) then it won't be a problem, and I tend to even laugh when I get called a nerd anymore. You gain a lot more self esteem when you feel good about yourself. And if it's your friends making this scene, just get over them, a real friend wouldn't try to put down a friend =)

    Hope I Helped!


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  • Well good on you! I'm really delighted to hear someone who is happy being themselves :D

    Stereotypes will always be with us, in fact they're getting worse as the years are going by but it's up to the individual how they deal with stereotyping regardless of which side they are on, judger or judged.

    If you are happy with yourself do not change. Keep being you. You sound like a balanced girl who is working in school and having fun. Being called a Nerd is nothing. Don't listen to people who bring you down. A lot of it boils down to jealousy. & you're keeping yourself out of trouble, exactly what I like to hear ;)

    All I can say is keep being you because you sound happy with yourself and that is in today's society highly admirable!

  • OMG!!! I have the same issues. You are NOT a nerd!!! First of all, playing an instrument and getting good grades does not make you a nerd. I have a TRUE example of a nerd if you want to hear it. He is literally a stereotypical nerd.-- not kidding. He has the pocket protectors, button down shirts, carries a BRIEFCASE around as a binder. AND, all he ever talks about is books or some really weird stuff that nobody care about (like why do they have animals talk in cartoons when they can't in real life..he won't even drink a soda because its bad for you!!!)

    If you are in middle or high school, people are just being jerks. They really are, there is no nice thing about it. We (I mean me too) just have to deal. It will stop eventually. Just don't listen to what other people think!!