Bra strap width?

Ladies are bras with wider shoulder straps more comfortable?


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  • They are more comfortable, but they are also not as attractive and if you are wearing tank tops, it is difficult to hide the wider straps. As someone with big breasts, I absolutely hate shopping for bras sometimes. I am forced to choose between comfort and style. I love my tank tops and low cut tops, so often times, style wins out, especially since if I go out, I dress last minute and it is the first thing to come off when I get home. I have some more comfortable bras for work, since I have a dress code for work anyway, so any top I would wear would hide the wider straps.


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  • They certainly were when I was having my bras custom made before my BR.

    It is now sheer bliss not having to worry about such things nowadays. :)

  • I think they stay on the shoulders better, but the flimsy thin straps don't.
    Back to your question: In my opinion yes they are more cimfortable.


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