How do I keep my eyeliner from like... melting?

I use Revlon Color stay black eyeliner I think its waterproof but I'm not sure. I've tried setting it with eyeshadow like most say to do, but it never works. At school I'll check how I look in the mirror after like second period which is about three hours after I put on my eyeliner and see my work has drained to nothing. It like melts and forms under my eyes making it look like I haven't slept in days. Do you have any tips?


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  • With a clean concealer brush, line your eyes with face primer after you've put on your foundation. You dont need a lot just enough to blend in with your skin and really focus on the parts that seem to die first. (for example, my eye liner used to smudge on the outer corners of my eye). Then apply your eyeliner. That should help keep it from smudging through out the day. Another thing you should try is gel eyeliner, I noticed that gel stays on better than the pencil liners.


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  • Use eyeshadow primer and try bobbi brown gel eyeliner or any gel eyeliner!

  • I suggest you to try the Liner Pinceau by Bourjois Paris.
    It's like a gel and it really lasts long.