Are girls who hang out with a lot of guys considered a slut?

Just saying, a lot of times girls are targeted with being a slut, flirt, or easy if she hangs out with a lot of guys. I grew up around a lot of guys, so I'm used to having more guys as friends than girls...


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  • I can see that as being a flirt. Definitely not a slut. Unless you end sleeping with guys you hangout with, which really doesn't sound like it's the case with you. Girls don't like it because usually they're jealous that you can just talk to them so easily or maybe even that some of these guys are interested in you.

    Guys, the ones you hangout and those you don't, are probably a little jealous too lol. That is, assuming they like you. Because we don't want a girlfriend or have feelings for a girl who we feel will easily replace us, or feel like they already have a list of guys waiting after us, or lastly, to have some other guy feel like he's talking to our girlfriend while we are together. Kind of a rub-it in your-face kinda thing, even if that's not what you are doing.

    So, no. It doesn't make you slutty. A lot of times, the girl who has more guy friends than girl friends, usually is pretty cool and drama free for the most part. Regardless of how others feel, I wouldn't stop what makes you comfortable to please anyone else. I know us guys are fun to hangout with :)


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  • Women that are hanging out with guys exclusively for a friendship (i.e. to be part of a group), are rarely viewed as "sluts". The terminology "slut" refers to a woman being easy, or being perceived as easy.

    So in order to be a slut, you would have to have slept with several guys, wear provocative clothing, or give out your phone number to men in hopes of future relationships.

    If your looking nice, hanging out with the guys but not sleeping with them, and your giving them your phone number in hopes of being friends- you are not a slut. The men that are calling you these names are simply jealous because you are hanging out with their friend and consuming the time that they spend together, or you have hurt his feelings in one way or another.

    Keep in mind, some people use these terms freely and don't mind "accidentally" putting someone down. So you need to be aware of who is saying it, and their personality state before you can make a better determination.

  • No. you are fine.

    Unless you are giving them all BJs, having lots of gangbangs, wrong side of town style sex, A-t-m, 1 girl 6 guys and DP + 3 sex, you are not a slut.


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  • Some ignorant people say that. The girlfriends of the guys you hang out with might say that if they're insecure or don't understand your relationship. Some guys might say that if they can't understand why a man and woman would be friends if they aren't hooking up