Why do some girls wear little clothing?

It doesn't seem comfortable, guys don't like it (at least, I don't) and girls don't like it; most of my girl friends call them "skanks" or prostitutes. It makes even less sense when its freezing, but they do it anyway. So why do you do it?

What I meant is why the general norm is that girl clothing is so much shorter then guy clothing. Of course there are some that don't subscribe to this but in general. Don't say that you don't do this because all girls do it; just how often varies.
*sigh* I keep a mental list of girls I know that don't do this, but it gets annoying when the list slowly dwindles down... you can wear normal clothing constantly, but it gets ruined as soon as you wear one of those short shorts with a 2 inch inseam.


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  • I don't, but for the girls who do, it's usually about insecurity. A lot of them think it's the only way to get a guy's attention.

    • Don't say that we don't dress like that? I'm fairly certain we know more about our wardrobes than you do. You're just making a generalization.

      And, no offense, but the male form isn't as widely admired as the female form. You can put a guy in tiny clothes and it won't especially interest anyone. A scantily clad girl, on the other hand, appeals to a lot of men. That's why *some* clothing for girls is so small.


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  • Owe, I've seen that type too, let me guess...Orange tan, fake blonde hair, skinny as hell, often really drunk, says like every 2 words.

    Those aren't women, they are female impersonators and maybe dudes!

    I can understand wearing short stuff sometimes, but if she can't wear a t-shirt and jeans regularly, even to the DMV...there is a problem. I personally don't do "it" and look sexy anyway, but there are some girls out there that really crave attention that much.

    Sad but true.

  • because they are stupid


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  • If it -really really- didn't make sense then they really really wouldn't do it.

  • Even when it's cold or the weather is terrible, some people value "style" over all else.

  • its all a game its for attention and because some of them don't feel attractive and this makes them feel wanted

    • No, I mean like how EVERYONE does this. Strapless tops, two inch shorts, miniskirts that don't go below the inseam, etc.

    • I have never worn a strapless top in my life, nor a miniskirt. And none of my friends do either. Not liking the stereotype...