Does my face look too "feminine"?

Since it is the internet, I am only posting HALF my face. I have friends that say I look too girly?

Girls don't seem to be interested at all in me, I'm a short guy about 5'7 and 125 pounds :(


One time a woman told me I should "eat more" to get rid of my "girly body," so if I bulked up a bit would more girls show interest? Or am I just hopeless?


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  • You definitely have a man's face.


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  • The girl who told you get rid yourself of your 'girly' body is a complete moron not even worth the space you took in writing about the incident. Don't ever change your body for someone else, do it for yourself if you're unhappy with it. How you feel about yourself matters, not the opinions of nobodies. That said, your link is down so I can't tell you any feedback, but I like a guy with expressive features, and sometimes that's what people mean when they say 'girly', some people don't know how to find the right word and end up saying something stupid. Women very much like expressive features, so I wouldn't worry. Only bulk up if you feel you want to or see some improvement you desire to make. If you are happy with your body, others will be too, so it really doesn't matter. The right girls aren't going to care about that. Last but not least, you are NOT hopeless. No one is. Unless you keep talking like that or putting yourself down, girls aren't attracted to that at all. Be confident and assertive, develop those skills, and you'll do great. 5'7 is great.

  • There is nothing wrong with a slender body. In fact... I prefer skinny guys. Just stick to who you are - the right woman will accept you. ALL of you :D

    • So don't go to the gym and take steroids?

    • Lol yes - no steroids (Roid-Rage = not hot). Only go to the gym if it is something you want to do (and in the name of health... not a better looking body).

  • i didn't see the link or wasn't able to. the thing is, just be comfortable with who you are. it took me a whlie when I was younger. I didn't look like a cookie cutter type of girl. I do'nt have blond hair. I don't have blue eyes

    but all the bf's I have been with have said I look cute/ good w/e else so I'm fine.

    i think it's just us being harsher on ourselves because we are own worst critics.

    and if you are slender, there isn't anything wrong with that either

    • I don't have the typical dark hair, blue eyes like most guys. I got stuck with dark eyes and pale skin so I feel different, too.

  • I don't think you look feminine. More like a baby face which is cute. Be yourself, don't worry too much, you'll meet the girl you want one day.

    • Ok. How did you see the picture since I took it down a couple hours ago? Is it still up?! :(

    • Oh strange, it was there when I opened the link. But now it's gone?! That's weird...

    • Ok, as long as it doesn't stay up forever. :)

  • The photo is unavailable! Have another?

    I prefer skinny guys, I hate muscles. You're fine just the way you are. Don't listen to stupid girls like that, they starve themselves to look great and expect their men to have tons of muscle.


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  • I think most people would refer to you has having a "baby face". The thing is depending on who you listen to this could either be a good thing or a bad things because many people suggest that women looking for long term relationships tend to go for guys with rounder faces, being in the same boat I don't find that to be very true at all but how can you argue with "experts"?

    • Do I have a round face or an oval one? What's the difference?

  • go to the gym and workout 3 or 4 times a week, get your diet right and get big, your face will start to look more manly too and your neck will widen. you can look totaly different in as little as 12 weeks if you have the determination