Twilight zone... O.O

i need to get this off my chest. it is really weird. sometimes, in school, I like to be called Brooke, my middle name. I think its spunky, just like me. and there is this guy I like... weirder still, his name is Jacob (no kidding) Banks. I think he's cool and sweet, I love being around him. I smile when I see him. right now, just thinking of him, makes me smile. then there is this other boy. I think he's cute. He's generous abd actually seems like a nice guy, hard to find these days (no offense guys!).his name is... is Edward. I never thought anything of it, in the beginning. then yesterday, me and Jasmine (my sister) starting talking about twilight (I think you guys know where this is going...) we talked about Jacob (Banks and Black) and how they were sort of alike (besides the whole werewolf part). and then we were talking about Edward (both of them) and how they were sort of alike (besides the vampire part). and then we got to me, how I'm accident-prone (just like Bella) and how I like an Edward and a Jacob (just like Bella). I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into this but I thought it was really weird...

P.S. I really did not make this up! totally real!

P.P.S. also, as a side thing, I have this other guy who has a major crush on me. he is blond and blue-eyed and super sweet. his name is Michael (if you don't see the irony in this, your thick...)


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  • Yeah there's all sorts of interesting patterns and parallels in life. You can get all superstitious about them but of course it's best just to go with the flow and not think twice about 'em.


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  • all I can say is wow. WOW. you are incredibly lucky. it's also very coincidental xD. hey, I've got an idea. go after Jacob xD. it's about time a "bella" got 2gethr with a Jacob.

    • Lol! I was thinking of doing that! Edward is an ok friend but not boyfriend material!

  • That is weird, but incredibly lucky at the same time from my point of view O.O