Do any of you girls like to wear stockings?

Do you also like to wear stockings while sleeping? Do you wear them to bed because you like how soft they feel? If your boyfriend or husband bought some for you would you ever wear them? Also for those who do wear them (in public at least) can you only wear them in a medium to long length skirt, because you don't want the garter and lace to show? Or is the whole point to have some of the lace show?

Also if you do wear them, is going to the bathroom a difficult challenge?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, I must say first of all that I find your fascination with stockings quite funny.

    Haha. Well, no, I don't sleep in them. I Actually find the somewhat annoying. They always get runs in them and get all twisted up. Most of it is just for enhancement of other parts of your outfit. Depending on the socking, you can wear them with all lengths of skirt, but some work better with others. As far as wanting lace, etc. To show, that would depend on the girl and the type of stocking. But most don't want that to show.