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What do you think about guys who wear gold chain necklaces?

are they cocky?


what do you all think of him?

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What Guys Said 5

  • He looks fine to me.

  • Guido.

    • Whats that?

    • Http://sixers4guidos.files.wordpress.com/2006/12/abbronzatura.jpg Guido.

    • Lol ewwww okay no I was thinking more like http://bmny.net/base1/images/C901G.jpg

  • Mr. T is the only one that can pull it off, and he decided to stop wearing gold things.

  • Cocky? No. Fags? Yes.

    • Http://vibesource.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/1111l_cde642c8e60d11a23e9367192e0c851a.jpg even him?

What Girls Said 4

  • wearing a gold chain doesn't = cocky personality

    but a good percentage of the cocky personalities wear gold chains, so I see where you get the connection, but no, I don't think they are cocky just because they wear one.

  • Yeah the one on your update is OK...

  • OK if they wear a honking big gold chain, then, Yes! Very cocky, full of themselves and super annoying! lol sorry, I just hate it!

    But if it's a small chain then it's kind of nice and it gives the guy some style... as long he doesn't have the stereotypical personality of macho/player that some guys usually have who wear gold chains...

    Hopefully that makes sense! :)

  • cheesy and tacky.

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