Do epilator devices cause ingrown hair and irritations?

I remove my underarm and leg hair with epilator device but some of my friends warn me not to use it due to ingrown hairs and irritations and also small red bumps. Is it really dangerous? My skin is so sensitive therefore I must be careful but epilators can remove the shortest hair perfectly. What do you tell me about it? Especially girls? Have you ever used?


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  • i use them. they do cause ingrown hairs which is really irritating, but i dont get irritation. i wax my underarms cuz theyre sensitive and epilation would hurt way too much. i like epilators cuz they remove from the root unlike shaving and the hair becomes less dense over time.
    i sometimes wax my legs as well and try to pick out ingrown hairs which can be time consuming. i guess all i can say is i dont believe there's a perfect hair removal method. I'm yet to try laser tho so i have no idea what thats like.


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  • Ingrow no, some irritation yes, but disappears after half a day.


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  • It can definitely cause ingrown hairs. You should exfoliate a day or two before epilating, then every couple of days after to help prevent ingrown hairs.

    • Also: the bumps aren't serious, they go away after a couple of hours. If irritation is bad for you in that time I think there are creams or lotions you can get but for me, the bumps never cause irritation.

    • I keep forgetting to add.. there's no way I can see an epilator being dangerous unless it's dry-only and you try using it under water (bad idea, seriously). The spinning discs themselves aren't sharp or anything, they just tweeze the hairs quickly but I'm sure you already knew all this, just saying just in case

    • Yeah thanks for knowledges but my underarms are. too sensitive therefore irritations and small red bunps exist. I think, having shower is bad idea because darkness and discoloration can occur, I can use clean-papers after the hair removal.

      Do you also use epilator device?

  • no i use them and they don't cause irritation