I want to know why a guy would look at me?

I guess it's a preference thing. But I saw a guy looking at me in Spanish class so I looked back. He was surprised and looked away, so I know he was looking at me. But I want to know why a guy would look at me. I'm not all that special, I don't show skin that would distract him, and I never really talked to him. What do guys see in girls that girls don't see in themselves?


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  • Their penis...All kidding aside, its refreshing to see a good looking woman, who isn't full of herself and cocky. Also the not showing skin, is another thing as well, it leaves something for later, where as lots of other people don't leave much to the imagination, It's kind of like, once you get to the end result, sometimes it isn't as great as you had wished, so the longer it takes to get there the better at times.


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  • He likes you and everyone sees something different in themselves.


  • In my perspective, guy usually analyze every girls they see.


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