Can someone help me figure this out?

Ok so I'm 15 and very self cautious about who I am and love to act I also love wearing various cute costumes ( not in public of course) but is it odd that I love to wear costumes like a maids costume and stuff like that. I love anime and base a lot of my costumes out of anime's I've seen but what does this say about me as a person or like sexually ( I'm a virgin and wearing costumes for sex isn't the first thought I get when I think of it) and should I feel ashamed or weird?


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  • I think its cute that you do this and im jelly that you can cosplay :P lots of girls do it and its totally normal. I would but im a guy and not much to cosplay as without a ton of muscle -_-

    • Sabastian from the anime black Butler is pretty BA and he doesn't look too muscular if u wanna try you should it makes me feel more open because its like playing a character your own way :) and that's so much for the comment

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    • Blonde ok well there's tamiki from Ouran high school host club? Just throughing out suggestions or kyo from fruits basket or the main charecter from bleach.

    • I honestly dont watch much anime but I still would like to and it seems cool :) ty :3

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  • If you are just at home where its private and you are not trying to attract attention with it then it is fine. Cosplay is a pretty common thing and is not always sex related as well.


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