Do guys like long box braids?

How do you feel about box braids? I've been researching about guys opinions on this topic and the most common answer was, "No I'm not feeling them"? So the week I went back to school I got the most compliments I've ever recived. I'm a mixed girl so I often change my hair including weaves and wearing my natural hair to. I also go to a primarily " Caucasian " school, the normal to them is flat long straight hair. So I've always have been concerned about the judgment from them (Mostly the guys). Yet they shocked me and to my surprised loved them ! So the point is how would you perceive and attractive mixed female with box braids compared to weave or natural hair?


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  • Everything depends on the way your box braids are styled. I like ponytail braids like on pictures. Such hairstyles are convenient and attractive at the same time.

  • My boyfriend called me the predator from alien verses predator when I had them

    • Predator is probably the most badass monster makeup in movie history, so in a way that's a compliment.

  • they can look pretty on the rightperson

  • It really depends on how they look I always get compliments and only compliments because Im in Cosmo and I keep mine looking neat. but like if yours are unraveling and have like loose braids they may look messy.

    • Mine are always fresh and not having any of my natural hair sticking out! They are clean and tight. I don't think guys would of said anything of the looked a mess ! :D

  • Lol, it’s sad how you have to throw “mixed” in there as if you having to black parents or appearing to be a black female that isn’t whitened up or watered down would make the braids unattractive on you.
    Just for that I’m not going to give you the helpful answer I had planned.

    • Once again an ignorant femal had to pull another female down. I was trying to give people the idea of what my hair looks when I wear it natural. So instead of trying to make as if I have self hate towards being mixed , you can keep your opinion to yourself and actually be helpful and answer the question.

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    • Lol, I didn' try to tear you down and you are not a "child". A fourteen year old is a TEENAGER. You are so dramatic and oversensitive. I'm not interested in your pissy little tantrum. I made my point. Goodbye.

    • Please pull the pole out of your ass and stop trying to make another female feel bad cause she is proud of who she is. Go work your job and go home to your boyfriend and have dead fish sex. Have a great day miss.