How do look u pretty on the outside?

Like what outfits, makeup, hair will attract boys?


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  • - Wear clean and "feminine" clothes (preferably skirts and dresses). Make sure that they fit properly.
    - Accesorize a lot in order to flatter "boring" or old outfits.
    - Take care of your skin. Moisturize your body to keep it from drying out.
    - Take care of your hair. Get regular trims, try washing it once every 2 days (shampooing it every day may cause damage to it), use various types of oils and avoid applying heat. According to my observations, most guys prefer it down.
    - Take care of your teeth and maintain a good dental hygiene.
    - If you want to try makeup, use a natural and light eyeshadow. Also, try using a brown or black eyeliner and mascara in order to accentuate your eyes. Last but not least, wear a tint of blush. I don't think your skin needs concealer or powder/foundation.
    - Wear a perfume, preferably fruity or vanilla or flower scented. Just don't overdo it.
    - Keep yourself healthy by drinking a lot of water, exercising, getting enough sleep and eating properly and healthy.


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  • Skanky. Slutty. Whorish.


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  • If you wear glasses make sure they are fashionable, where bright colours that flatter your figure and look formal at the same time. Dress clothes that flatter you and make you look good but are low key and be polite / humble. Guys love that.

  • just be clean and neat.